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The future isn’t later.  It’s now. Your super controls companies that are shaping the world you live in every day.

We have a vision for the future. One where you prosper and still get to see a world free from climate change and inequality. Where all of Australia’s retirement savings are invested in solutions to the world’s issues. Where your super isn’t just saving for the future - it’s saving the future.
Money is power
Bigger than every
company on the ASX
Bigger than Tesla and Facebook combined
Larger than 32,538 x Clive Palmer’s $83M election bid
Australia’s $2.8T total superannuation pool has the power to change the future

Superannuation is worth $2.8T. To put that in perspective, that's:
+ More than every single company on the ASX
+ More than Tesla and Facebook combined
+ 32,530 x Clive Palmer's $83M election bid
+ 973 x Donald Trump's net worth

Only, this power doesn't sit with billionaires or politicians. It sits with you. It's your decision if your super invests in companies that harm people, the environment, and your future by chasing short-term gain. And it’s your decision if your super chooses businesses that care about sustainability for people and planet. In short, investments designed to last.

You have the power.
Change is being driven by people making that choice together. Some of the reasons our members join us:
Combatting climate change
Investing together in 182 clean energy assets.
Giving fossil fuels the flick
We’re the only super with fund-wide screening for fossil fuel exposure from fracking to lending to transport services.
Competitive returns
Growing super for long-term performance in responsible ways.
Fixing inequalities
Investing in disability housing, women led businesses and secure investments moving the needle on equality.
Upholding human rights
By refusing to invest in companies that exploit workers, run detention facilities or participate in the fracking of indigenous lands.
Whatever your reason, there is a clear trend...
Bushfire season 2019: 3,456 people join
(+60% same time last year)
Since COVID-19: 8,751 people join
(+90% same time last year)
When things get bad, more people than ever are choosing to do good.
Our view on risk
We invest for financial performance and real world impact. That means we see risk differently. Here are some risks we aren't willing to expose our members to:
Gender inequality.
In May 2019, Future Super became the first super fund to exclude investments in companies that have no women on their boards. Source: Financial Standard
Consumer privacy.
In 2018, Future Super dropped investment in Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica breach compromised the personal data of 50 million people. Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Elder abuse.
Elder abuse. In 2017, Future Super made the decision to stop investing in the aged care sector. This was following a concerning number of reports exposing elder abuse and the use of complex contracts that disadvantaged the people this industry was supposed to care for.
Source: Future Super Impact Report, 2018
Doing the right thing doesn’t have to mean sacrificing returns
Check our returns against other funds.
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Top 3 of 209 investment options
SuperRatings Fund Crediting Survey Balanced 60-76.
July 1 2019 - June 30, 2020
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Future Super helps you reclaim power you already have... you just might not be using it.  

No more waiting. It's time to shape the world.