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Unfrack the future. Join the Future Super movement.

Your super is more than just a bank account for retirement. It’s your chance to leave your mark on the world. Let’s put it to work on climate change.

The movement
People collectively moving super into climate solutions and out of fossil fuels.
Simple, effective climate action. Super is propping up the fossil fuel industry and the best way to make a difference is to move out. Instead, Future Super builds clean energy infrastructure, invests in renewable technology and gives fossil fuels the flick.
Move Your Super
A movement that’s
26,000 strong
...and growing.
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Why people are moving their money
Combatting climate change
Investing together in 182 clean energy assets.
Giving fossil fuels the flick
We’re the only super with fund-wide screening for fossil fuel exposure from fracking to lending to transport services.
Competitive returns
Growing super for long-term performance in responsible ways.
Fixing inequalities
Investing in disability housing, women led businesses and secure investments moving the needle on equality.
Upholding human rights
By refusing to invest in companies that exploit workers, run detention facilities or participate in the fracking of indigenous lands.
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Top 3 of 209 investment options
SuperRatings Fund Crediting Survey Balanced 60-76.
July 1 2019 - June 30, 2020

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Join in just a few easy steps for super you can believe in.

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