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Zero fossil fuels
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Fund new renewables

Your super is powerful

Just 7.7% of superannuation* could fund Australia's transition to 100% renewable energy.

Reject polluters. Invest in solar, wind and the world's most sustainable companies.

Be the 7.7%—that's your super power.

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To solve the climate crisis, we have to stop funding the fossil fuel industry. Go fossil free with Future Super and join the movement of Australians taking a stand against coal, oil and gas.
Simon Sheikh
Future Super Founder & former GetUp National Director
Simon Sheikh - Founder & Managing Director

Impactful investment options for your superannuation

Choose one that suits you today, change anytime.

Balanced Index

100% divestment

A Balanced option that is fossil fuel free, contains no nasties, and favours investment in ethical companies.

Investment objectives: Outperform CPI + 2.75% p.a. over 10 year periods (after fees)

0.99% pa + $1.80 per week*


Balanced Impact

Increased social & ethical outcomes

A Balanced option that is fossil fuel free, contains no nasties, and actively invests in positive companies and renewables.

Investment objectives: Outperform CPI + 3.00% p.a. over 10 year periods (after fees)

1.79% pa + $1.80 per week


Renewables Plus Growth

Supercharged renewable investment

A Growth option that is fossil fuel free, contains no nasties and targets 20% of the portfolio into renewable energy projects.

Investment objectives: Outperform CPI + 3.00% p.a. over 10 year periods (after fees)

1.89% pa + $1.80 per week


Read our Product Disclosure Statement to find out more.

*this is the total sum of the Investment Management fee, Administration fees and Indirect Cost Ratio for each option. Please read the PDS for full details about how fees and costs apply to Future Super.

Find & combine your super

1. As you join, use your TFN to find all your accounts.

2. Choose which accounts to move over to Future Super.

3. Receive an email when each account transfer is complete (it can take 3-28 days).

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Important Note: While we make it easy to sign up and combine your super, you should not make a financial decision based on these factors. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement and make an informed decision based on your own financial objectives, situation and needs
. When you authorise an account transfer, Future Super will send a rollover request to the other fund/s on your behalf. Transfers can take 7 business days to finalise.

Invest with impact

Our expert analysts hunt for investments that are helping to solve big problems like climate change, healthcare and homelessness.

The solar farm that super built

Visit the 2.3MW Mount Majura solar farm with real Future Super members.

Ready to invest in Mount Majura solar farm, too?

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Awards & accreditations

Future Super is a new breed of super fund. Our purpose is to grow our members' savings and create positive change.

Certified Ethical Investment
Certified by RIAA

We are certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia for our responsible investment process for all investment decisions. We help raise the bar of what it means to invest in an ethical way.

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Australian Gasfield Free
Gasfield Free

We have been awarded Gold status by the Gasfield Free movement in recognition of our total exclusion of gas and coal seam gas investments. We firmly believe farmers and traditional owners should have the right to refuse mining and gas companies accessing their land.

B Corp Certified Corporation
B Corp Certified

Certified B Corporations are leaders of a global movement of people using business as a force for good™. It means we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

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Invest clean and green

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