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The future isn’t only measured in dollars. It’s measured in celsius.

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Future Super invests for a fossil fuel free future. Fossil fuels are coal, oil and gas. Future Super sets a 0% threshold for direct exposure to fossil fuels in our investments, meaning all fossil fuel companies and investments are screened out. See How We Invest and our Screening Approach for further information.

We care about what kind of future your super investments deliver, so we choose renewables over fossil fuels, responsibility over a quick buck, and the future over now. Our investment strategy avoids what we believe to be harmful investments and uses the power of your money to invest in climate solutions and act on the issues of today.

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Future Super has been awarded Best For The World™ status by B Corp for 2022.

Source: B Corp

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Balanced IndexInvest in everythingThis low-cost option leverages indexes to deliver a diverse and values-aligned investment portfolio.
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Balanced ImpactInvest in social impactThis option offers a well-rounded exposure to renewable energy and social impact investments.
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Renewables Plus GrowthInvest in climate solutionsThis option targets a 20% allocation to renewable energy and climate solutions, for a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious portfolio.
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High GrowthInvest in your futureThis option targets high allocation in growth investments such as Australian shares, international shares, and alternative assets.

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