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How can I nominate a beneficiary for my pension account?

You can nominate one or more of your dependants, and/or your Legal Personal Representative, to receive the balance of your pension account as a lump sum on your death, on either a non-lapsing binding or a non-binding basis. Please see this FAQ on how to nominate a beneficiary.

You may also choose to nominate your spouse as a Reversionary Pension Beneficiary to continue to receive a regular payment from your pension account after you die (see the FAQ ‘What is a reversionary beneficiary?’ for more information).

Under superannuation law, your “dependants” include the following:

  • Your spouse (including a de-facto spouse and a spouse of the same or opposite sex);
  • Your child (including a child of a spouse who is not your biological child);
  • A person in an ‘interdependent relationship’ with you; or
  • Any other person who the Trustee considers was dependent on you for maintenance or support at the date of your death.

Note that the definition of a “dependant” under tax laws differs from those above. Someone can be in an interdependent relationship with you if:

  • You have a close personal relationship;
  • You live together;
  • One or each of you provides the other with financial support; and
  • One or each of you provides the other with domestic support and personal care.

Interdependency can also arise where two people have a close personal relationship but don’t live together or provide each other with financial support or personal care because of physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability (e.g. one person lives in a psychiatric institution suffering from a psychiatric disability).

If you do not nominate a beneficiary, or your nomination is invalid, the Trustee may pay the balance of your pension account to your dependants or your legal personal representative as it sees fit.