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How we invest

We invest our members’ super for competitive financial returns whilst helping to create the sort of world they want to retire in.

We consider how each investment we make can contribute to a prosperous future free from climate change and inequality.

Our portfolio

Our Renewables Plus Growth option is shown below. See our investment options page to compare all.

Australian Shares
We own parts of Australian businesses that are strong performers on sustainable and ethical criteria. We engage with with these businesses and vote on your behalf to make sure they continue to improve.
International Shares
We own parts of International businesses that are strong performers on sustainable and ethical criteria. We engage with with these businesses and vote on your behalf to make sure they continue to improve.
We make investments in, and give loans to non-listed companies, infrastructure projects (like solar farms), and activities that contribute to a prosperous future.
Fixed Interest
We give loans at a fixed rate — particularly in the form of green bonds — to initiatives that contribute to a prosperous future.
We keep some money available (away from harmful banks and fund managers) so members can access their super, if necessary.
What are green bonds?
How does your approach compare to other super funds that talk about impact investing?

Divestment and screening

We use a two-step ethical screening process to ensure your money is invested in companies that can help to grow your super savings and build a better world for you to retire into.

  1. Divestment and negative screens: we direct money away from companies and industries that create harm.
  2. Positive screens: we invest in companies that are better performers on sustainable and ethical criteria.

Here’s a subset of our screening criteria for investments:

We exclude...
Fossil fuels
Live animal export
Old growth logging
Environmental destruction
Social harm
Harmful financing
We seek...
Renewable energy
Healthcare & wellbeing
Efficient transport
Sustainable products
Community finance
Production of health foods
Social wellbeing

What makes the cut?

View all investments

What makes the cut?

View all investments

What makes the cut?

View all investments

What makes the cut?

View all investments

Voting and engagement

Shareholders have the power to influence the companies they invest in and raise concerns about how they are operating.

On your behalf, Future Super engages directly with the companies you invest your super in on important issues, or in response to something they could do better.

We publish our proxy voting record annually following the end of each financial year. This voting summary reflects the voting record for both direct investments and for investments made through funds that Future Super invests in.

When Future Super invests money via other funds, we request that the fund managers vote the shares from our investment according to the values of Future Super investors.

Our impact so far

In 2019 alone, our members collectively abated and avoided just over 62,000 tCO2e. That’s like...

  • Taking about 27,000 cars off Australia’s roads.
  • Over 35,000 people deciding to holiday locally rather than flying to London and back via Singapore.
  • Nearly 60,000 people deciding to eat a plant-based diet.

Wondering how that stacks up annually?

Action carried out over one whole year
tCO2e avoided per year
Investing with Future Super (Balanced Impact option)
Living car free
Going vegan

Data is calculated by comparing the tonnes of carbon dioxide our Balanced Impact investment option avoided and abated through our sustainable investment strategy for the 2019 calendar year, with the tonnes of carbon dioxide an individual person avoids by taking each of these actions for the same twelve-month period.

Based on this IOP research study completed and published in July 2017.

You can see more information like this (including our methodologies and assumptions) in our Impact Reports:

Investment in Australian equities is predominantly made via the BetaShares Australian Sustainability Leaders ETF. Investment in international equities is via the BetaShares Global Sustainability Leaders ETF. Exposure to global green bonds is predominantly made via the BetaShares Sustainability Leaders Diversified Bond ETF. For more information about these ETFs see

Future Super Investment Services Pty Ltd (FSIS) is a service provider to BetaShares for these products, with its role being to provide recommendations to the Responsible Investment Committee on the index constituents and corporate actions. Details of FSIS services to BetaShares are found in the Financial Services Guide.

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