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Pension plan option

An Account-Based Pension is a way to access your retirement savings as a regular income stream.

You are eligible to establish an account-based pension with Future Super if you satisfy a condition of release and make a minimum initial investment of at least $20,000.

For most people, the relevant condition of release will be that they have reached their preservation age and have permanently retired from the workforce.

Other conditions of release which may be a relevant reason for starting a pension are:
• You reach age 65 (whether or not you have retired);
• You leave your employer after turning age 60; or
• You become permanently incapacitated

Please read the Pension Plan Product Disclosure Statement or the common questions below for more details on conditions of release.

*Our pension signup process has a few extra questions, but is still super easy!

Common questions

Some things you might be wanting to know

How does a pension work?

A Future Super pension account allows you to draw a regular income from your retirement savings while investing them in line with your values.

You can choose to get monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payments and you can usually choose how much you receive (within the mandated minimums outlined in the PDS).

What is an Account-Based Pension?

An Account-Based Pension is a simple, single account for those who have already retired and will no longer be making contributions to their super. You can receive flexible payments (subject to age-based minimums) on a timeline that suits you, and make lump sum withdrawals at any time.

How much do I need to start a pension account?

A pension account needs an initial minimum investment of $20,000. This initial investment can be rolled over from your current super account, pension account or personal bank account. It’s important to remember that you can’t make additional contributions to your pension account once it has been established.

When am I eligible to receive a pension?

To establish a pension account, you must satisfy a ‘condition of release’ which allows you to transfer your super account to a pension account from which you can access your money.

For most people, the relevant condition of release will be that they have reached their preservation age and have permanently retired from the workforce.

Other conditions of release which may be a relevant reason for starting a pension are:
• You reach age 65
• You leave your employer after turning 60
• You become permanently incapacitated

What is my preservation age?

Date of birth
Preservation age
Before 1 July 1960
1/7/60 - 30/6/61
1/7/61 - 30/6/62
1/7/62 - 30/6/63
1/7/63 - 30/6/64
After 30 June 1964

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Future Super's pension fund returns

Below are the historical returns for our pension fund.

Future Super's Balanced Index Option icon

Future Super Pension Fund

Product Launch: 15 Jul 2015
1 month
3 months
6 months
1 year p.a.
3 years p.a.
Since Inception p.a.
*Relative to fund launch date







Returns shown are to 29 May 2020.

^ Returns provided are after fees and taxes have been taken out. Returns for periods of greater than one year are on a per annum compound basis. Return of capital and the performance of your investment in the Fund are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

*Our pension signup process has a few extra questions, but is still super easy!

Our Ethical Screens

Future Super does not invest in any fossil fuel companies, or in companies providing significant services or financing to fossil fuel projects.

We also don’t invest in a range of other harmful industries, including detention centres and live animal export. Instead, we look for positive investments such as renewable energy, healthcare and IT.

Icon cross

Excluded investments

We rule out companies engaged in the following activities, and more.

Fossil Fuels
Fossil Fuels
Live animal export
Live animal export
Old growth logging
Old growth logging
Environmental destruction
Environmental destruction
Social harm
Social harm
Harmful financing
Harmful financing
Icon tick

Approved investments

We look for companies who are making a positive impact in the world.

Renewable energy
Renewable energy
Healthcare & wellbeing
Healthcare & wellbeing
Efficient transport
Efficient transport
Sustainable products
Sustainable products
Community finance
Community finance
Production of healthy foods
Production of healthy foods
Social wellbeing
Social wellbeing

What makes Future Super great

Features and inclusions for every member

Invest clean and green

Invest clean and green

Invest in renewables and help the transition to a clean energy future.

Super quick signup

Super quick signup

Join in under 10 minutes with our easy online form. You’ll need your TFN, driver’s licence, bank details, and current super or pension account number.

Easy account transfer

Easy account transfer

If you’re setting up your first pension account, we’ll help you consolidate all your super accounts first. If you already have a pension account, it’s easy to transfer across.

Choose the right account for you

Receive regular payments

Our Account-Based Pensions provide you with a steady income stream. Choose the payment amount and frequency to suit you.

Expert fund manager

Expert fund manager

Our fund managers are specialist ethical investment managers with over 30 years experience.

Online account access

Online account access

Access your account anytime online. Update details, check contributions and request rollovers all in one easy place.

Join the fossil free movement

Join the fossil free movement

Join thousands of other Australians moving their money out of fossil fuels.

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service

Speak to a real Future Super staff member - no outsourced call centres or long wait times.

What to expect with your Future Super membership

  • Personal contribution into super fund.

  • Nominate a beneficiary.

  • Balanced Growth investment option.

  • Member portal access.

  • Speak to a real person every time you call.

Future Super Pension Dashboard: Balanced Growth

Future Super pension fund - Balanced Growth Option

Your pension will be invested in a balanced growth option.

Asset allocation & investment strategy

We aim to invest in a diverse mix of assets with 70% in growth assets (like shares and property) and 30% in defensive assets (like fixed interest and cash).

We target the following asset allocation:



Australian shares


International shares




Fixed interest





administration fee
That's $1.80 a week.
per annum
administration and investment fee

*These fees are the total Investment Fees, Administration Fees and Indirect Cost Ratio payable in respect of the Balanced Growth pension investment option. Other fees and costs may apply to your account. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement for the full details about how fees apply to Future Super.


  • Likely to suit members seeking both growth and income from their retirement savings and a balance between risk and return. 
  • Intended for everyday Australians who want to shift their retirement savings away from activities which are harmful to the environment and society, and instead want to see their super invested in companies which make a positive impact.


Standard risk measure

It is estimated that there may be a negative annual return 4 to less than 6 times in a 20 year period.

4 - 6 years

Recommended minimum investment timeframe

Return objective

The fund aims to outperform its benchmark (the Consumer Price Index + 2.50%) over rolling 10 year periods (after fees and taxes).

For detailed information about Future Super please read the Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide.

It's obvious why people love Future Super 😍

Join thousands of Australians who've moved almost $400 million out of fossil fuels.

Sustainability is a huge part of my life. Making the switch to Future Super was a natural choice.


I take divestment seriously. With Future Super, my money works to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Natural Resource Manager

I can make my super work for more than just my own benefit.


Sustainability is a family value, and we all need to participate in the solutions.


A diversified, future-focused portfolio of investments

The Future Super portfolio is filled with many of the world’s greatest, forward-thinking companies. Here are just a few…

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*Our pension signup process has a few extra questions, but is still super easy!

Join thousands of Australians who've moved over $300 million out of fossil fuels.

Say goodbye to fossil fuels, and hello to a renewable energy powered future

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You should read the PDS (or pension PDS), Additional Information BookletFinancial Services Guide and Insurance Guide before making any financial decisions regarding Future Super funds.

It's good to know the fine print

Here are some important documents you should read

You should read the PDS and Additional Information Booklet before making any financial decisions regarding the Future Super super fund.


Our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) tells you everything you need to know about your super fund in a standardised format. Every super fund must create a PDS following the government’s guidelines. If you’re trying to compare Future Super to your current fund, this is what you want to read.

Download Product Disclosure Statement

Additional Information Booklet

Our Additional Information Booklet is exactly that - even more detail for lovers of fine print. Find out everything about making contributions, accessing your super benefits, our insurance op ons and more.

Download Additional Information Booklet