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Future Super named 2018 Telstra Business Awards: Social Change Maker Finalist!

Written by:

Kirstin Hunter

5 February 2019

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Future Super has been recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative social change businesses - and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Future Super members at Mount Majura Solar Farm, ACT (Renewable Energy Day, 2016)

Future Super is Changing Society for Good

Every year the Telstra Business Awards recognises and celebrates the small and medium-sized businesses that are making a positive social impact.

We’re proud to announce that Future Super has been selected as 2018 Social Change Maker finalist in the ACT!

We’ve empowered more than ten thousand everyday Australians to divest from coal, oil and gas, as well as what we believe to be other harmful industries.

But we don’t like to linger on the stuff we don’t do.

We know super is powerful, and that it’s yours. That’s why we aim provide our members with impactful returns and raise the bar for what it means to invest super ethically.

Here’s just a few of the things we’re proud to have delivered on behalf of our community of values-driven investors:

And, of course, competitive returns.

Why it’s important to recognise change-makers.

It’s no secret that business can behave badly (just look at the recent Royal Commission into banking). When a company is motivated by profit alone, exploiting people and the environment is just ‘business sense’.

However, for businesses like Future Super, our bottom line includes positive impacts for society and the environment. Increasingly, the idea of ‘social business’ is catching on.

Certifications like B-Corp (which we are proud to be among the best in the world) and the Telstra Business Awards Social Change-Maker help raise awareness that business can be a force for good. By showcasing the excellent work done by businesses with social change at their core, the Telstra Business Awards is using its platform to show other businesses that a better way is possible.

Particularly when it comes to our issue of climate change, it is often those that have contributed the least amount to the problem that are suffering from its consequences. Business has an important role to play in bringing people together,  finding solutions that are accessible and acting as allies for those that have been unfairly placed in a position to face the brunt of the adverse impacts.

We are so proud to be on this journey with our members who are standing up for (and investing in) a sustainable future.

Future Super is committed to creating a fairer, brighter, 100% renewable energy powered future with our members.

At Future Super, not only do we passionately believe that divesting from fossil fuels and reinvesting in renewables will deliver for our members in retirement, we know that without this, there may not be much of a planet left to retire onto.

Our core purpose is to empower all Australians to make a choice for themselves: to invest their superannuation in a way that is aligned to their values. Our members have chosen to divest from fossil fuels (and other industries like animal cruelty, old growth logging, tobacco, gambling and more), and together, are reinvesting that money into renewable energy.

We are proud to be a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards. We truly could not have achieved this milestone without our thousands of members and supporters who have already divested over $300 million away from fossil fuels.

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