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Performance and returns

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December 2020

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3 months
6 months
1 year
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5 years
Since inception*
Balanced Index
Launched 16 Nov 2018
Balanced Impact
Launched 1 Sep 2014
Renewables Plus Growth
Launched 1 May 2018
Pension Fund
Launched 15 July 2015

Returns provided are after investment fees, percentage-based administration fees and taxes but before dollar-based administration fees have been taken out. Returns for periods of greater than one year are on a per annum compound basis. Return of capital and the performance of your investment in the Fund are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

* Relative to fund launch date

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Performance and returns FAQs

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What does Future Super invest in?

When we launched in 2014, Future Super was the first super fund to not invest in fossil fuel companies and remains the only super fund to screen out diversified fossil fuel companies and companies providing significant services and financing to the fossil fuel industry. 

At Future Super we use a three-step process to ensure your money is invested in companies that can both grow your super savings and build a better world. You can see our strict ethical screens here

First, out with the bad: our negative screen rules out harmful and destructive industries like fossil fuels, detention centres, live animal export, nuclear, tobacco and more.

Second, in with the good: our positive screen ensures we actively seek out companies that are doing social and environmental good, such as renewable energy, healthcare, education and IT. You can view a full list of the companies we invest in here

Finally, our team look for positive industries like solar farms and other impact investments to add to the portfolio. Our renewable energy portfolio includes the Bald Hills Wind Farm in Victoria and the Lake Bonney battery in South Australia. 


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What are Future Super's returns like?

Read about our most recent returns here

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What investment options does Future Super have?

Future Super has three investment options: Balanced Index, Balanced Impact and Renewables Plus Growth.

If you’re unsure about whether one of these options is suitable for you, you should seek financial advice to ensure you are making an informed choice based on your own financial objectives, situation and needs.

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What is a unit price?

Future Super is a unitised fund, which means that every time you make a contribution you are issued units in the fund. The unit price for all members of the fund (the value of a unit) is calculated every week day and changes based on the value of the assets the fund invests in, as well as the fees and taxes that are due. As the unit price fluctuates so too will your balance, as your balance is calculated as the number of units you hold multiplied by the unit price on any particular day. 

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