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Future Super High Growth

An investment option that takes sustainable super to new heights.

The High Growth low-down

Our new High Growth investment option* is a game-changer, aiming to deliver impressive returns while staying true to our climate-responsible values.

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90% growth allocation and 10% to defensive assets

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Aims to outperform the Consumer Price Index by 3.5%^

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Transparent annual fees of 1.323%, plus $60 admin fee

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Exposure to growth investments such as Australian shares + international shares

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Excludes fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco, gambling and nuclear energy

Maximise your super while investing responsibly

When you invest in High Growth, you’re investing in changing the world for the better. Here’s some of the impressive climate and social impact causes you’ll be supporting.

Our high growth option comes with a higher risk. This option is designed for members who are prepared to accept an aggressive asset allocation which has the potential to provide higher returns, but also increases the risk of a negative return. Find out more in the Additional Information Booklet or explore our other investment options.

Compare Investment Options

The Nightingale Fund

Help to create affordable and sustainable housing, including housing for essential workers in a sustainably designed apartment complex.

Infradebt Ethical Fund

Provide loans to renewable energy and social infrastructure projects in Australia, making renewable energy projects possible, and reducing Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Kilter Rural Water Fund

Invest in water credits, which are essential to Australian farmers, while also donating water to rehabilitate wetlands in the Murray-Darling basin.

I’m already a member, what about me?

No worries! You can switch investment options anytime. Many of our members have been eagerly awaiting this option; in fact, 60% told us they wanted a higher growth investment**

The wait is over.

Switch Investment Options

1.Log into your Future Super account

2. Click ‘Manage Investments’

3. Choose your investment option

4. Read and agree to the T&Cs

5. Click 'Submit'

Rise above the ordinary with Future Super High Growth.
A new investment option that takes ethical super to new heights.

Discover High Growth

What on Earth does that mean?

Growth assets: Growth assets, like shares, have the potential to increase in value significantly over time, but they are also subject to fluctuation.

Defensive assets: More stable assets, like cash and bonds. You can earn steady interest on these investments with a lower chance of losing money. The tradeoff here is steady returns are generally lower and there’s no potential for growth beyond the expected returns.

Risk: This is the uncertainty, or market movement, your investment is subject to. High Growth has been designed for individuals who are comfortable with navigating short-term-market volatility in pursuit of higher long-term returns, therefore there’s some risk involved.

For more information visit our How We Invest page.

*Investing in High Growth involves risks, do your research and consider seeking financial advice based on your circumstances. Returns are not guaranteed and past performance is not indicative of future returns. All information provided is general in nature only and does not take into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement Target Market Determination and Financial Services Guide available at and consider whether Future Super is appropriate for your needs.

^ CPI is a measure of inflation, the investment objective is to outperform 3.5% p.a (after investment fees and taxes) over rolling 12-year periods.

** Survey from March 2023.